Assignment #11 – Final Essay Blog

         Oppression is when something has received cruelty or unjust treatment and it has been prolonged. People can resist oppression in 2 ways, and they are violent and nonviolent resistance. The difference between those two is that violent is when you resist using threat of physical pain or even death to stop the oppressors but on the other hand nonviolent resistance is when you resist using peaceful means which are not harmful and oppressor are often shamed in into changing. You either do violent or nonviolent resistance so you can gain agency which is when you have the ability too determine the outcome of your life. I believe people should use nonviolent resistance to gain agency because it’s safe and it can make a much bigger difference by creating organizations that spread awareness about immigrant rights, sites that help the community get taken care of and people who fight too get education to girls.

         Firstly, people should resist oppression using non violence because no one gets hurt and one way that has happened is that there are immigrants who created an organized way to spread awareness of their rights when faced with ICE agents. This article is about how people were in fear because of ICE and they didn’t know if they should continue using help resources that was provided to them. But then activist started spreading awareness about immigrant rights so that they wouldn’t be in fear. Now activists have many ways they have have counterattacked the fear by not hurting anyone.The document is an article from the website and its titled “Amidst Threat of Deportation, California Immigrants Are Mobilizing to Resist ICE”. It was written by Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil on April 13th, 2018. This article is reliable because it was created very recently and in the article there are primary resources. One quote from the article states that “Now, in the face of escalating anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies since the 2016 election, immigrant rights groups across the state have been developing innovative strategies, such as cell-phone warning systems and know-your-rights-workshops to protect their own communities from federal immigration authorities—a move organizers say can not only prevent deportations and detentions, but also combat the fear encompassing immigrant communities today.” This reveals that all the nonviolence work that the immigrant have done is working because their their fear for ICE has dwindled down. If they had done a violent act to spread awareness then ICE would probably have an even better excuse to arrest these immigrants who just wanted to help others. But since that wasn’t the case here they are combating these injustices against them by being aware of how to protect themselves and others who are dear to them.

        Secondly, people should be using nonviolent resistance to fight oppression because it creates a safer way people can resist and one of the ways that has been happening is by reporting problems in the community and actually getting them solved.  In class my classmates and I reported problems that we saw in our community and some of our problems got acknowledged and solved. So we collected our data in posters that show open, acknowledged, closed and how many of them were in each category.  The document is posters that the 9th graders’ data of the reported problem in SEECLICKFIX is shown and it was done at Fremont High School. The image in the document was created by Jason Muniz, an Ethnic Studies teacher on April 27th, 2018. This source is reliable because the data was recent and it’s a primary source as well. There were many problems that were reported by the students and one of them was trash dumping.The data for trash duoing is as followed, 16 people reported that problem and 3 out of 16 were open, 8 out of 16 were acknowledged and 6 out 16 had been closed. This shows us that the 6 problems reported were taken care and that is an act of nonviolence because no one is being hurt here and they are helping the community be a better place for the people. The people in the community can be happier with how their street looks like and the people who reported the problem can feel good about themselves because their voice was heard. In Oakland there are many communities which have trash dumping that is unpleasant to pass by and this website is helpful because people report a problem and it will actually get solved. The people reporting those problems are fighting for a better lifestyle and they are doing in a way that isn’t damaging but peaceful.

        Lastly, people should be using non violence to gain agency just like Malala because she is being the voice of all those children who want an education and she is doing it in a way that is not harmful. Malala did a speech in which she talks about  how she was shot by the terrorist group named the Taliban, and she says that they thought they would silence her but instead they created a person that was even more confident in what she believed in. She no longer has that fear in her so she hopes for an education for every child even the children of the Taliban. She does not carry revenge because the people there are people who taught her how to be a person who forgives and a person who fighted for her believes in a peaceful manner. The document I read was only an excerpt from 16 year old Malala Yousafzai’s speech which she gave to the United Nations General Assembly on July 12, 2013. The information in the document is reliable because it is a primary source and it was done recently. One quote from her speech says, “I am here to speak for the right of education for every child. I want education for the sons and daughters of the Taliban and all the terrorists and extremists.” This demonstrates that Malala is fighting for the children’s education by making her speech in order to change the oppressors way of thinking and she is doing it in non harmful way. This speech motivates others to fight alongside her for a change that will impact their family for the better. That is good because they will doing an act that doesn’t cause any harm to the people which makes it something that more people would want to do due to the fact that they will be safe.

SeeClickFix Blog #3



  • What are the different statuses on the posters, and what do each of them mean?

There are 3 different statuses on the posters. They are Open, Acknowledged, and Closed. Open means that you have submitted the problem but the city of Oakland has not seen it. Acknowledge means that the City of Oakland has seen it asn are working on solving it. Lastly closed means they have solved your problem.

  • Describe what you did (or what you were supposed to do) to find out if the issue you submitted to SeeClickFix was fixed.

The steps you take to find out if your status has changed is you need go to the website and sign in. Then you you click the top right corner that says my content. Once you do that you find the name of your issue and it click it. After that you can see what comments you have received.

  • What changes do you notice from the April 13th posters to the April 27th posters?

I noticed that on the April 13th there were many sticky notes on the Open poster but on the 27th poster there were more on acknowledged and some closed. So that means that on April 13th there were many issued that were reported, ANd on the 27th the City of Oakland recognised them and even fixed some.

  • Do you think there are any types of issues SeeClickFix is better at getting fixed than others?  Why do you think that?

I think trash dumping is the one gets solved the most because in the 27th on the closed poster there are 6 issues that were solve and those were trash dumpings.  I think these get solved more because they are easier to solved, they just need to pick it up and go dump it in the appropriate place.

  • If an issue someone reported did not get fixed, what is something they might try next?

I think they should message SeeClickFix too see what they have not solved it yet. The should get more info on what is it taking so long to solve it or will they fix it at all.

  • Do you think people who report issues to SeeClickFix are able to gain agency?  Explain your answer.


I think they are able to get agency because their community is getting cleaned and that affects how their life is changed. Their life is changed because were they live it looks better than before and then you’re not ashamed of where you live.

SeeClickFix Blog #2


  • Describe how the 9th grade students are tracking the progress of the issue we reported using sticky notes and posters.  What do each posters mean?

We are keeping we track of the progress by checking the website. If the status changes we change our sticky note on the poster. There are 3 posters and they are called acknowledged, open and closed.  Acknowledged means they noticed it, open is that it’s just posted and closed is that they took care of it already.

What did you learn about the status of the issue you reported to SeeClickFix? Did it change (If so, how)?  Did your issue’s status stay the same? Explain your answer.

I noticed that they closed my report meaning they have solved it. and there is no longer trash at the place I reported.

  • Describe the response you got about the issue you reported.  What was the message you received? Who sent you that message?

I have 2 responses. The first one said it was acknowledge and it told me my request ID. The 2nd one I got said that it was closed. Both of those responses were from the City of Oakland Call Center.

  • Did any patterns emerge on the poster about which issues are resolved, and which are not?  Explain your answer.

On the acknowledge there are alot of illegal dumpings. On the close there are also illegal dumping. But on the open there are is a variety of issues.

  • Is the SeeClickFix project an example of Violent or Non-Violent resistance to oppression?  Explain your answer.

This is an example of Non-Violent resistance because we are not damaging anything we are doing something peaceful to help our community.

  • Do you think SeeClickFix can help to solve problems in Oakland?  Explain why or why not.

I believe SeeClickFix is solving problems in Oakland because it’s cleaning up the area so people have a nicer street. It’s making Oakland into a more cleaner place than before and it’s making the people who report the problem happy because their voice is being heard.











SeeClickFix Blog #1

  • In your own words describe what the company called SEECLICKFIX does for people living in Oakland. 

The company SEECLICKFIX helps the people living in Oakland because they take care of the community and make it cleaner.

  • Do you think SEECLICKFIX helps people in Oakland to resist oppression?  Explain why, or why not.

I think SEECLICKFIX helps resist oppression because if it graffiti that is shamening other people, SEECLICKFIX can fix it and they won’t have to see the disrespect. That make it a way non-violent resistance because it’s just covering something up and it’s not harming others.

  • Explain the story of how you took your picture for the SEECLICKFIX project (Describe what you took a picture of, when you took it, where you were, how, and why).

The story of how I took the picture is that I was coming back from Alameda. There is a bus stop in the 29th Ave so I got off from the 20 bus. I wanted to go buy stuff at the Dollar Tree so I crossed the street and made a left on E 12 St. I was walking towards the store and then I remembered I had to take a picture for my HW. I looked towards the ground to see if there was a problem by the ground was perfectly fine. So when I got the the 26th Street I looked to my right and saw the trash. At that moment I decided that would be my problem so I took the picture and looked for an address which i found.

  • What did you do in class to join SEECLICKFIX on their website?  Describe the steps you took.

To join SEECLICKFIX I had to got to their website. Then I had to sign up for an account. The asked me if I was an citizen or official and I choose a citizen because I live here. Then they asked for my name, email, and password. Also my location and then I had to confirm I was not a robot so I did that. The last thing I did was confirm my email address on my mail.

  • What did you do in class to report an issue to SEECLICKFIX? DON’T FORGET TO SHARE YOUR ISSUE ID NUMBER!  Describe the steps you took.

What I did was I had share my pic from my phone to my email and then I had to download my picture to my computer. Then I was in the website SEECLICKFIX and I clicked report an issue. I typed the address where I found the trash and the what category it belonged in. I write a brief description of what the illegal dumping looked like and then I  uploaded the picture. Lastly I reported the issue and got the id number.

Issue ID: 4281505

  • Do you predict that the City of Oakland will fix the problem you reported?  Explain why, or why not.

I predict that yes they will fix it because we want our community to be clean. It will probably take some time since there are many reports but I hope that one day they will go and clean it.

Assignment #9 – Oppression Essay

Oppressed people are people who are being treated cruel or unjust for a long period of time. Systems of oppression are the systems that oppress people by the way they are doing something for a long period of time. Levels of oppression are just the different types of how people are being treated cruel over a long period of time. There are three levels of oppression which institutional, interpersonal, and internalized oppression. Ways that political oppression and interpersonal oppression can happen is by who decides what to do with misbehaving students  and how students are being treated for wanting their education because it is based on a law and the way others act towards others.

First of all, oppressed people can experience political oppression by who decides what to  do with students who are misbehaving at schools because it happens based on a law that was passed. There is an article that talks about the school-to -prison pipeline which is where student are pushed out of the education environment to the prison environment. This article mentions that schools have a police where if you’re misbehaving you will be suspended. Once that happens , data show that those students are less likely to graduate and more likely to be on their way too prison. This article comes from the website and it was titled “Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline”. The article was written on April 25. 2017 by Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph D. A quote from the article says,” The two key forces that produced and now maintain the school-to-prison pipeline are the use of zero tolerance policies that mandate exclusionary punishments…” The quote is talking about a political oppression because its saying that this rule called the zero policy causes students to be pushed out to keep order but that isn’t what it’s doing.  The  students who are are misbehaving don’t get a chance to  get help because they have the zero tolerance policy. This rule that schools have is something that is hurting students because they are forced to leave and they are now less likely to have the motivation of coming back to school. That eventually leads them to the criminal system and not having a productive life.

Additionally, oppressed people can experience interpersonal oppression by being mistreated for wanting to be educated and being successful because it’s the way other people treat others. One article is informing us that terrorists are killing Afghan girls because they don’t want them to know that they have rights. The girls want to go to school so that they can feel like they have power. But terrorist don’t want that so they are throwing acid to the girls faces and poison their water just because they believe girls are a tool that they have have power over meaning that men can do anything to them. This article is from the website and it is titled “Acid attacks, poison: What Afghan girls risk by going to school” and it was written by Allie Torgan on March 17, 2016. One quote from the articles says ,”  “The day we opened the school, (on) the other side of town, they threw hand grenades in a girls’ school, and 100 girls were killed.” This quote is saying that they are making the girls seem unimportant because they killed them. And interpersonal oppression is seen here because of the harsh way they terrorist acted toward the Afghan girls.. That was the consequence when this all girls school opened, the terrorist wanted the new school to already be afraid of them. This is not right in any way because girls should be educated so that they won’t depend on men for everything. The education should be something that makes them feel powerful. But terrorist  don’t want that because they are acting a certain way toward these girls.

Assignment #2 – EMBED A MAP

Occupy Oakland is a protest that happened on October 10, 2011 in Downtown Oakland. The people did a strike, riot, and picketing. The reason for this was because of wealth inequality, Police misconduct  and corporatism. There were more than 4 injuries and more than 400 arrest made by the police. This is an example of Internalized oppression because people did the protest to tell people to treat them unfairly. This story happened on Downtown Oakland in October 10, 2011.

Oscar Grant was murdered at the Fruitvale Bart station in the morning of the New Year’s of 2009. This incident happened because supposedly there was a fight in the Bart coming from San Francisco so the Bart police came and detained Oscar along with others. When Oscar was facing down the officer named Johannes Mehserle shot him on the back. Because of that injustice there were many protests that happened. I believe the murder of Oscar Grant is interpersonal oppression because the officer behaved unfairly towards Oscar by murdering him, when he was no threat to  the officers. The murder of Oscar Grant happened on the Fruitvale Bart station on January 1 , 2009.

Assignment #8 – Marginalize and Exploit Essay

   Power is the ability to control events and the behaviors of other people. To marginalize is to put off someone to the side, or make them less important.  Exploit means to take advantage of someone for your own benefit. People with power are able to marginalize and exploit people with power by not paying them the amount of money they should get for their labor, by not recognizing others with different identities as people and by making someone do something for their own culture.


To begin with, people can marginalize and exploit others because of their different identities by making them work for them, not paying them the well deserved money that they should be earning and taking away things from them like their homes. Document #3 talks about what happened to the Natives once they were conquered by the Spanish. The Spanish introduced the Encomienda System and that’s were the Natives were being marginalized and exploited. The doc is a quote taken from the book called “Colonial America” which was written by Jerome R. Reich in 1994. One quote say that ,” in practice they were bought and sold, worked (literally) to death, and forced into virtual slavery.” Being exploited by someone else takes away your freedom on doing things that could make yourself better and now all your time is being focused on the exploiters. Therefore you can’t live your life in peace but you’re constantly being pressured. From the quote we can say that the Natives weren’t being seen as humans but as objects that could be taken advantage off in any way you pleased.  


Furthermore, people are marginalized by people with power because slaves were being chained up and not recognized as people who were the same as their “masters”. In document number 4 it talks about the rules in “The Code of Noir” of what you’re supposed too do if you have slaves. The document is laws that are in “The Code of Noir” which the King of France wrote in March, 1685 concerning about the order in the French American islands. One quote from the document says ,” The masters will have the right, when they’ll estimate it’s necessary, to chain up the slaves and make beat them by sticks and ropes.” This quote implies that people with power are able to marginalize others with different identities because the slaves were being treated like animals and not being recognized as humans and that’s what marginalising is. They were treated like animals because they were being beaten up and being controlled by the French.


Finally, people with power are able to marginalize and exploit others because the Aztecs did Sacrifice Rituals when they captured an enemy who was physically perfect as well as being skilled at something. One document talks about how an Aztec Scribe described his impressions about the Aztecs Sacrifice Ritual. The scribe talks about how an enemy warrior can be treated like a god until he gets killed at the end of the Aztecs festival. The person that is being sacrificed is killed publically by having his body dismembered. The document is a note written by an unknown Aztec scribe. It was recorded and told to Friar Bernardino de Sahagun several year after 1529. This quote from the doc says ,” This seasoned warrior, whom we change from a human into the god Tezcatlipoca, … is treated like our most royal family member during the long year leading up to his sacrifice.” This quote reveals that the enemy warrior is being marginalized and exploited because he is used for their own culture and he is killed in the end. Killing this warrior isn’t fit because the purpose the Aztecs are doing it isn’t something the warrior believes and every person has the right to choose what to do with their life. But he didn’t get a choice because he was an enemy and he was a perfect fit for the Aztecs god Tezcatlipoca. Also he isn’t being treated like a human but like an Aztec god which you might think is good but it isn’t because he isn’t being viewed like a person who has a life.

Assignment #7 – Commenting


  • Did you receive any comments to your blog?  If so, from whom?  What did they say?                                                                                                                                        Yes I did receive comments, I got 3 comments. The comments werte form Gaby, Jennifer and Yojana. Gaby said that she likes my shadowbox and about how latinas are judged.  Jennifer said that she hears a lot of stereotypes about Guatemalans and thinks it’s cool that I like anime. Yojana made connections with her life and she said about how she hears stereotypes about Guatemalans but she doesn’t speak up about it. She said that some people think she should change and she agrees on what I said that my identity makes me, me. 
  • Which students did you write a blog comment for?                                                                 I wrote a blog comment for Paola.


  • Copy and paste the comment you made for each student in the space below:                    Dear Paola ,

    Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Ingri Mendoza and I am a student at Fremont High School. Something I liked about your work was when you mentioned that when people look at you they think your immigrant. That happens to me as well and then I have to say that no I am not an immigrant. Something I have a question about is what are your goals and how are going to achieve them? Anyways feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is .
    Thank you!